Step One

Hooray! The hardest is almost complete! Once you verify your email, you'll receive an additional email + sms with your appointment time with a Guru.


Step Two

During your appointment with your guru, you'll discuss various goodies and content-related things to get you started. If you need any graphic work, it'll also be mentioned here.


Step Three

Your development is completed by us or yourself, domain name is sync'd, SEO is sent off and boom! You website goes live!

Development & Design Flow

We've provided a generalized flow of what to expect on your journey Always remember each project is generally different and timing vary.

Invitation is requested


You're off to a great start! If you're on this page, you've already requested your invitation! Be sure to check your email and confirm your cost-free spam-free subscription to our invitational list.

Invitation Confirmation + Appointment Settling


Within 30 minutes you'll generally receive an email and sms alert in regards to your newly scheduled appointment. Please be sure to remember your appointment time.

Graphic Designs and Development

3 Hours - 14 days after confirmed appointment

After speaking with your project manager, all the fun parts begin! We work hand in hand with our key designers to assure the perfect fit for your graphic needs. Our developers are also hard at work preparing your awesome website that you're going to tell the world about! Depending on your project this timing may vary. If you're doing developing your website on your own congrats to you! Depending on your content and needs your time may vary.

Presentations and Approvals

2 Hours - 5 days after completed designs or development

When awesome updates are ready, we're usually the happiest to tell ya about it! When any designer submits graphics for your approval, we go through an in-house approval system prior to asking for your approval to ensure quality and clarity. Sometimes this may take up to two hours to complete and in some scenarios even longer! Rest assured the best guru's are on the front for you.

Your Website Goes Live

3 days - 31 days after intiaon

We've run multiple tests and it shows that we generally will have your website up and running with 3 - 31 days after your first contact us. We all do remember that each website is different and times will vary! Anywho, welcome to our family!

Welcome Aboard! 

We just want to thank you for choosing us to embark on your journey! We won't let you down!

We Know Wordpress and we've made it easy for you

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